Sav Noir FW16 tells the painful story of chasing a rock’n’roll dream. Explicit thoughts of sex, cigarettes, and drug-induced heroins spirals from the enticing fantasy to the harsh reality of complete darkness and loneliness in an instance.

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The release features a range of garments informed by the brand's gothic aesthetic.

Key pieces include jackets in a range of rock and roll ready fabrics and patterns including exotic skins, interwoven tweeds, luminous metallics and black motorcycle styles.

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For LA-based fashion designer Edwin Haynes, the founder and creative-mind behind luxury label Sav Noir, black is simply the new black.

Edwin makes clothing inspired by the Euro-goth era of the 1980s, and of course, each of his designs are made perfectly black. With the fashion industry slowing taking over the West Coast, I just had to ask Edwin why he started Sav Noir in Downtown Los Angeles. 

In the Q+A below, Edwin talks about the advantages of being a designer in LA, his rock ‘n roll inspired SS16 collection, and why Sav Noir is so expertly unisex.

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The goth subculture present in San Francisco was a rebellion of the hippie movement of the ‘70s. Bred in England during the early 80s, goth fashion stripped away floral prints for plain black and bare feet for platforms and spikes. In its early days, its culture invited a band of outcasts or those with an allure of mystery and emotion.

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But it was the moto jacket that took center stage, providing the common thread of the collection. Hayes interpreted the edgy classic in a variety of materials, including a Malhia Kent tweed, lambskin, snakeskin, black-and-gold embossing and leopard-printed pony skin. “It’s for everyone — every gender, ethnicity [and] size,” explained the designer, adding each jacket represents a different expression of himself.

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Sav Noir releases its A/W 2015 Collection on October 8 during LA Fashion Week in Downtown Los Angeles.

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L.A.-based Sav Noir is just that: a ‘dark’ design house filled with modern cuts and raw-yet-clean edges; clothing that encapsulates a hard appearance masked in elegant tailoring and loosely-fitted lines. Edwin Hayes, the house’s founder and designer, says that Sav Noir means “savage of the night;” the brand’s demographic most definitely lies in the nightlife community. Hayes has built a cult-like clientele over just a few short years, stretching his wings and expanding his reach worldwide since 2011.

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Los Angeles-based fashion label Sav Noir is doing its bit to turn that around. Influenced by the untamed life well after the sun has set. They’re making dark, chic clothes for “the matured, rebellious souls of our era. The ones whom fear nothing, or no one,” as they put it. Sav Noir AW’16 “The Moto” film tells the painful story of chasing a rock’n’roll dream following model Justin Gossman as a young rock ‘n’ roller, through his dreams of fame, fortune, and excess, through to the painful, vacuous existence of a struggling artist.

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Innovative clothing label SAV NOIR release their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, graduating into the high fashion realm. The brand has been catapulted from its birth as a streetwear brand into a refreshed new vision as a ready-to-wear, avant garde uniform for the sophisticated rebel across an internationally modern and trending culture.

In keeping with their fashion forward vision, SV collaborated with renowned designer Malhia Kent for their Autumn/Winter ‘15 rebirth, sparking the transition of the brand’s exclusivity and growth. Posed by NYC’s Paul Mitchell Rabell, the new collection features high-end lambskin, internationally sourced wool, and the elite French Mill (woven tweed) fabric, used by none other than the legendary CoCo Chanel.

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